If you are a writer or journalist or involved in new media, the Small Press Federation (SPF) is a source of information and resources that will assist you in your career. Anyone interested in beginning a career in writing and those who have already started their journey will find useful resources at SPF. Our monthly newsletter is packed with tips, advice, events, and learning opportunities. You will even have an opportunity to meet others in the field and develop relationships that can be beneficial to both of you. Networking is a great way to put yourself and your talent before a new group of people and make friends in the process.

New media is well-represented at the Small Press Federation, and it is an important aspect of today’s writing. Writers and journalists have discovered that they not only have to know how to convey their thoughts, but they have to be fluent in new media. New media includes any content available through the Internet and can be accessed by a digital device. Most new media is interactive, with an opportunity for instant feedback. It is a whole new kind of writing, and those who are willing to tackle new media are like brave explorers, paving the way for a new generation of writers. These writers require an edge, a willingness to be instantly accessible to their readers, and sometimes a thick skin: The Internet seems to invite harsher criticism.

Worldwide, there is a continual increase in dependence on digital devices. Today’s writers must be able to leverage their abilities in the digital world. New media gives writers the opportunity to be more visible to the public. They also need to be able to distribute information in a very up-to-date way, as consumers expect new media to keep them informed at all times. SPF encourages writers to keep abreast of the nuances of new media as well as all writing styles.

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