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The Small Press Federation (SPF) is an organization dedicated to providing resources for writers, journalists, and those involved in new media. Our purpose is to support and encourage writers to pursue their passion with ease. Whether you are looking to make a name in the writing business or you have been writing for years, the Small Press Federation can offer you assistance in your career.

SPF is a group that understands the perils and pitfalls of a career in writing. It is sometimes difficult to find a niche where your skills are appreciated and useful. It doesn’t matter where you fit in the spectrum of writers: It is important to know that you have somewhere to turn for up-to-date information that can shape your writing abilities, increase your skills, and open new doors. The Small Press Federation was formed and is currently run by writers. They are aware of the processes of being a writer because that is what they are.

The organization was started by two brothers, Dennis and Norman Franklin, who currently participate as co-presidents. Dennis has written for major magazines as well as having published several short stories. Norman has chosen a less-traditional writing venue, as he is part of a growing trend of new-media writers. While less familiar than many other types of writing, new media is on the rise. With the increase in technology use and the number of people accessing online newspapers, blogs and social media, new media is cutting-edge journalism. Dennis and Norman Franklin bring different styles and talents to the table, and they are willing to offer writers of all calibers a place at their table.

Writers can learn so much from their counterparts, but writing is often a solitary endeavor. SPF has resources available to help you network and connect with other writers. Workshops, seminars, and social events will allow you the opportunity to spend time with a variety of people who are involved in the writing world. Caroline Parry, a freelance writer who has been a part of the Small Press Federation since its inception, participates in the role of director of public relations. Caroline devotes much of her time to keeping current on networking opportunities of all kinds and sharing them with writers.

For more information, contact us at info@spfpittsburgh.org.