Breaking Into the Business

When writing is your passion and you make the decision to try making money with your words, you may find it a little harder than you expected. Anyone attempting to break into a new business will, of course, hit some bumps in the road, and a career in writing is no different. Because writing can be such a personal reflection of who you are, breaking into the business can be an emotional rollercoaster. Perhaps it will help to know that everyone needs a little help opening the door to a writing career. Here are a few helpful suggestions to get you started.

If your desire is to become a writer or journalist, you will face the challenge of being recognized for your talent. Many people want to be a writer, but not everyone is good enough. You will have to work hard to prove that you have what it takes. Here are some tips to help make yourself known.

  1. Write well and write often. Submit as many articles as you can, whether it’s to a school or college newspaper or a magazine. Make sure they are well-written, well-thought-out pieces. The more articles you have published, the better your chances of being considered for a writing job. Your portfolio will speak volumes about your abilities.
  2. Consider an internship. You can learn so much during the time spent as an intern. The opportunity to work with professionals who are already established in your chosen field will give you an inside view of the writer’s world.
  3. Be passionate and assertive. If you are willing to accept all of the eccentricities that can come with a writing career, from unusual work hours to frequent location changes, you must already have a passion for the field. Show that passion, be dogged in your pursuit of a job, and point out just how talented you are.
  4. Accent your versatility. Be an excellent researcher, take a photography class so you can shoot your own photos, and study the subjects you want to write about. The more you can do, the more attractive you are to prospective employers.

Fiction writers face a different set of challenges when they are trying to be recognized for their writing talents. While there are many talented authors being published, there are many more writers who may not ever make it big. You may have to continue working a steady job in order to earn a paycheck while you work toward your new career.

  1. During your vacations, go to conferences where you can learn from professional writers. It will cost you some money, but you will have an opportunity to garner invaluable information.
  2. Write, write, and write some more. You can’t expect to write a best-selling novel on your first try, so keep on writing. You will learn from your own mistakes and improve your style with each attempt you make.
  3. Do your research. Knowing what sells in the genre you have chosen will help you to establish a guideline for writing. Learning what publishers prefer will increase your chances of receiving an acceptance letter. Knowledge will give your writing purpose, and that will make you a better writer.