Career Resources for Writers and Journalists

College students and recent graduates pursuing a career in writing or journalism may find themselves looking for help as they begin what will hopefully be a successful career. Writing is at its heart a solitary endeavor. The words come from the heart and mind of the writer, and a course of study should have prepared up-and-coming writers to express themselves well. But now that you are venturing out into the field as a writer, you may need some guidance as you embark on the journey you have chosen.

  • Media Helping Media is a treasure trove of training and mentoring resources for journalists. Ranging from introductory topics to advanced journalism, ethics, and even investigative journalism, the topics covered will be helpful at all stages of your career.
  • The Society of Professional Journalists is an online community dedicated to linking freelance writers. The material included is invaluable if you are planning to enter the world of freelance journalism. The online forum allows you the opportunity to network and learn alongside people from many different locations who you might otherwise not have had a chance to meet.
  • Media Bistro can be an excellent resource when you are looking for a journalism job. Training is available, but even more beneficial is the advice on how to put your best foot forward when interviewing, how to spot the “too good to be true” offers, and what to avoid when you are writing your cover letter.
  • The Council for the Advancement of Science Writing is the ultimate resource if you are looking to begin or advance a career in science writing. You may be reporting on science, technology, the environment, and/or medicine. CASW offers a variety of resources to aid in the pursuit of this exciting career option.
  • Field’s End is a community that promotes a variety of newsletters and learning experiences that will be helpful to writers at all stages of their careers.
  • Famous Advice on Writing: The Collected Wisdom of Great Writers: This compilation of advice from well-known writers is a great read for all aspiring writers. While these quotes may not answer every question you have about your writing career, they will most certainly inspire you.
  • Slant is a journalistic platform that allows new writers to contribute pieces, get editorial feedback, and earn money. Slant encourages writers to consider subjects not always covered in mainstream media.
  • How-to for Authors: This list of advice for new writers tackling a novel was prepared by a professional editor and covers many of the mistakes first-time writers make.
  • Writing Prompt Basics: Tips for New Writers: Writing prompts can help direct your creative thoughts when you sit down to write anything, from a magazine article to a full-length novel. The use of prompts can help keep you from wandering too far from your original idea, allowing you to write a cohesive, understandable piece.
  • Interview Tips Every Journalist Needs: If you are entering the journalism field, your expertise in interviewing will be a big factor in how well your article turns out. These tips will help you hone your interview skills and prepare you for the job ahead.
  • Journalism Jobs is probably the best place to start your job search if you want to work in any sort of print media, from magazines to newspapers.