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The Small Press Federation (SPF) is dedicated to offering up-to-date information and resources for writers in all genres. Writing as a career can be a formidable journey. It is our purpose to make things a little easier by offering resources that can guide both writers and would-be writers on the right path. To that end, we are pleased to present you an opportunity to receive our informational newsletter. This newsletter will contain a variety of information that may be useful as you pursue your writing career. If you are interested in receiving this newsletter, just send a request along with your name and address

In addition to our newsletter, check out these other resources that may be helpful:

  • Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA): This organization is a nonprofit membership-based group that works with independent book publishers. They are the largest publishing trade association in the U.S. Because the publishing process can be confusing, the IBPA offers resources to help navigate the course.
  • Small Press United (SPU): If you are looking for valuable information on how to promote and sell your book, SPU has a robust amount of materials, including contacts, to help you do just that. SPU works closely with the Independent Book Publishers Association to take you through the steps involved in publishing and sales.
  • The Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP): The annual AWP conference supports students and teachers, writers, editors, and publishers by offering them an opportunity to network with others in their field. Movers and shakers get together annually to share what they have learned, meet new people, and keep abreast of what is new in the world of small press.
  • Richard Hugo House: Hugo House is located in Seattle, and their mission is to be “a place to read words, hear words, and make your own words better.” This organization provides a place to work on your craft alongside others who are doing the same thing. There is so much to be learned as you are encouraged to challenge yourself, make connections, and discover your talent.
  • Word Mothers: The Word Mothers website offers a plethora of information regarding women and small press. There is an extensive list of publishers and organizations who specialize in representing female writers, many of which are considered to be otherwise under-served.